Request an Account

What is a Courtesy Account?

Courtesy accounts, also known as hosted accounts, are created to provide technology resources for qualified 'non-Miami University' individuals. A Miami University faculty or staff member may request courtesy accounts on behalf of an individual that is not currently affiliated with the university. The request form must be submitted by a Dean or Department Chair.

Reasons for Courtesy account requests:

  • Students who are no longer enrolled but will continue to require computer accounts to complete course work
  • Students who are not currently enrolled but are studying abroad or at another educational institution
  • Faculty who are not currently employed by Miami but are preparing to teach or participate in an academic project
  • Outside contractors who are not employed by Miami University but are providing a service
  • Community members who are working on projects affiliated with the university

All accounts are established for a maximum of one year (one semester for academic requests) unless the requester indicates a shorter or different time frame not to exceed one year.

To Request a Courtesy Account:

Use the link on the left to access a web-based request form. The request should be initiated by a Dean or Department Chair.

The requester will be notified when the Courtesy account request is complete. The requester will be responsible for communicating the Miami UniqueID (username) and MUnet password to the account holder. The requester is also responsible for assuring that the requested accounts will be used in a manner that complies with the Responsible Use Policy..